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Education Consultancy (ECONS) is a consulting organization dedicated to provide optimum solutions to the various challenges being faced by professional educational & vocational training institutions.
  • Is Your institute/school/college growth stagnant?
  • Are you not making adequate profits?
  • Do you want to enhance the visibility and branding?
  • Does your operational systems need support solutions?
  • Is your student's academic improvement a concern area?
  • Do you want to start a new educational group?
Then we as professional consultants can provide assistance and strategy to BUILD, MANAGE & RUN Educational Ventures into PROFIT SOLUTIONS.

Econs the educational consultant has given the platform to a new forum as 'Confederation Of Education Excellence' (CEE) which will work out the various strategies for holistic integration of education sector with the needs of society.

New entrepreneurs who invest in this sunrise sector face multiple challenges & roadblocks as they are navigating in a totally new territory. Often these lead to frustrations & doubtful investment. Further it is observed that most of the institutes situated in larger cities offer identical courses. The result is lower registrations and plunging bottom lines. In this situation simply lowering the prices does not beat the competition.

Another challenge is that large no of students who enroll in professional programs do not possess acceptable communications skills & focused temperament. This hinders their employability probability casting aspersions on the credibility of their institutions.

We, at ECONs offer strategic solutions to most of the problems faced in the various lifecycle stages of educational institutions.
ECONs has offered creative profit solutions to various Institutional clients and has brought them out of the red. All of our clients are now scaling the profit curve even in these tough economic times. 

ECONs has proved itself a turnkey project solutions company. The growth & success can easily be gauged by prestigious projects successfully handled
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